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Whatever your industry is, we have the lighting solution for you


Looking for a perfect lighting solution for your industry that requires certified products for Zone 1, 2, 21, 22 applications? Looking for both dust and gas application products? R. STAHL could offer you customised solutions with standard products. See our vast range of products that could fit in various requirements of your facility perfectly.


Oil & gas

In an industry where the overheads and maintenance costs is inevitable yet a clear matter of concern, the new led lighting comes with exciting features such as improved efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and easy installation.

Offshore applications are rough. The luminaires have to defy moisture in the form of salt spray and salt water, mechanical stress, etc. because of impacts, temperature fluctuations, etc. Thanks to high ingress protection and impact protection, R. STAHL luminaires withstand these harsh conditions and promise many years of smooth operation. Extreme temperature demands are made on the products in onshore applications. In some regions, our customers require durability in +60 °C down to -55 °C. No problem for R. STAHL luminaires.



DNV GL certification, required for shipbuilding, specifies demands on the products that are higher than in any other industry sector. For example, the luminaires have to be electromagnetically compatible so that the sensitive navigation systems will not be affected. And the requirements on mechanical strength are higher as well, to defy vibrations and the washing of waves.

Other standards are also higher in the shipbuilding industry:

  • On ships, salt water and salt spray is always present. That is why R. STAHL's luminaire portfolio includes luminaires made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • To prevent injury, the luminaires are equipped with a shatter-proof polycarbonate cover.
  • In many cases, the luminaires are mounted to a wall. A decisive factor is the absence of glare so that the crew will be able to work easily.
  • The less energy the luminaires require, the more power is available to propel the ship and the more cost-effective it can be.


Machine building

The machine building industry requires compact luminaires to integrate light in the machines – e.g. in a generator enclosure. Due to the heat, the luminaires have to operate reliably even in temperatures of +70 °C. Experience shows that LED technology is able to withstand even such extreme temperatures.

Thanks to LED technology, there are no irritating stroboscope effects. The low ripple of the radiation of the LED will visualize the movement of rotating parts and helps to prevent accidents. The luminaires can be cleaned easily and even aggressive solvents and cleaning agents will not damage the luminaire.


Chemical industry

Operators of chemical plants also have to comply with the health and safety requirements for workplaces – for standard lighting and emergency lighting. With type 6002 LED standard luminaires and type 6009/1 LED emergency luminaires, R. STAHL offers an unbeatable team to fulfil these requirements.

The chemical industry has further demands on our luminaires:

  • long service life is an important criterion, as downtime in production and maintenance time cause substantial costs. With a change-over to R. STAHL LED luminaires, maintenance cycles will become more than twice as long. Depending on the environment, our customers can expect a maintenance-free operation of almost 10 years.
  • The chemical industry also requires the absence of glare, which is fulfilled by the diffuser optics of our LED luminaires.
  • Customers who already use R. STAHL luminaires praise the reliability of our durable enclosures made of plastic.
  • Thanks to the proven design, operators do not have to change all luminaires at once. They may change the luminaires of one room after the other, one plant after the other.


Pharmaceutical industry

The safety and health requirements for workplaces are a serious requirement in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, special colour rendering indices are specified for the different areas. R. STAHL luminaires ensure an excellent colour rendering and thus a high light quality with a high efficiency.

In addition, processes in the pharmaceutical industry are often subject to special cleanliness requirements – because on the one hand, the quality of products is ensured through the compliance with a defined purity of the air at the workplace. On the other hand, the relevant regulations protect the health of the operating personnel in applications that involve the processing of hazardous substances.

R. STAHL luminaires have been used successfully in cleanrooms for many years. For instance, our sheet steel and stainless steel luminaires have smooth surfaces that can easily be cleaned. Central lock, all-pole disconnection and hinged opening mechanisms facilitate and reduce maintenance efforts.


We have already introduced trend-setting lighting solutions for different industry sectors, e.g. alcohol-resistant products, amber light luminaires or turtle-friendly lighting. Details and further spectacular examples can be found here.

Do not experiment! Plan your safety lighting with our experts right from the start!

Further information on R. STAHL emergency luminaires can be found HERE.