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Ex-Proof LED: The new age lighting

R. STAHL LEDs are the best. 3 Explosion Protection Experts prove it.


3 EXplorers. 13 endurance tests in 20 months prove R. STAHL LED Luminaires are the best.

This has for example been proven by John McKillop in Australia, who tested the LED tubular light fittings and the LED linear luminaires and inferred that the LEDs are

Extremely robust - withstands the force of a wild herd of cattle.

Durable and strong as it was tested as a cricket bat.

Lighting of the future.

Reliable as they won't leave you in the dark.


In Scotland, Grand Stott tested LED linear luminaires and floodlights. He focused on:

Performance test with ice in a whisky "on the rocks".

Energy efficiency with regards to Scottish traditions.

Resistance to salt water on the rough Scottish coast.

- Robustness through Highland Games.


In Norway, we showed LED luminaires on an FPSO (Floating Production and Offloading Unit), a ship that is used for the production, storage and loading of oil and gas. We furthermore demonstrate in a video the reliability of the luminaires in a chemical and pharmaceutical plant. And there was a competition of three rounds between the LED emergency luminaire and our EXplorer Reidar Abrahamsen:

1st round: Aggressive atmospheres

2nd round: Temperature resistance

3rd round: Reaction time

No matter where in the world you are, no matter in which conditions you apply our products: you can rely on the LED luminaires of R. STAHL. They are efficient, durable and provide reliable service even in harsh environments.

Learn more about the perfect illumination for every industry sector!

If you have any questions, please contact the R. STAHL experts.


Ex- Proof LED: The new age lighting by R. STAHL