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EXplorer versus emergency luminaire: Who will win?

Our EXplorer Reidar Abrahamsen has traveled Norway with the R. STAHL emergency luminaire EXLUX 6009 and he has tested the products in different operating conditions. He demonstrated the reliability of the LED emergency luminaires on an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit), a ship for the production, storage and loading of oil and gas, and in a chemical and pharmaceutical plant.
The emergency luminaires always work reliably and ensure safety.

Now he wants to compete with the luminaire. Who is going to win? To be able to answer this question, we compared the two contestants.


The luminaire is very robust and reliable, that provides its service even in extreme conditions and in hazardous areas. How do you brave dangerous situations?

A combination of becoming scared stiff, while in an upright position. This proves to be the best tactics when facing polar bears.


How did you prepare yourself for the competition?

Warm-Up in a fridge. You know, living in freezing temperature climates, makes a fridge a cosy environment.


In your opinion, what are your chances?

The best. After all, I live here. LED emergency luminaire entered my domain.

What do you think are the major strengths of your opponent?

The LED emergency luminaire emits light in a cold climate. We have a cold climate in Norway, but at the same time it is generally dark.


Mr Abrahamsen, thank you for the interview. We are looking forward to the competition and we wish you the best of luck. On paper, the R. STAHL LED emergency luminaire is the odds-on favourite. That is why we admire EXplorer Reidar Abrahamsen, who nevertheless wants to take up the challenge. We talked to the underdog:


EXplorer Reidar AbrahamsenLED emergency luminaire EXLUX 6009
ApprovalNorwayATEX, IECEx
ZonesScandinavia, non-Ex1, 2, 21, 22 
SizeB x H x T: 850 x 1720 x 450 mm
(0,6579 m³)
857 x 183.5 x 125 mm³
(0,01965 m³)
WeightBMI: various – season dependant
113 kg (+/-3 kg), dependant on storage and offloading
< 6.7 kg
ResistanceDegree of protection IP 20, water comes in frequently and from time to time drain offDegree of protection IP66/67, IK10
Ambient temperatureComfort Zone: +18 °C bis +35 °C
Extreme Zone: -40 °C bis +85 °C
Storage temperature: Ventilated bedroom +10 °C bis +18 °C
-30 °C to +60 °C
Special featuresEx-smoker, beat that you EXLUX 6009!
Local champion in climbing non-supported ladders.
Durable, seawater-resistant, impact-resistant, vibration-resistant, brightness (5000 lm), high colour rendering
HobbiesWooden boat, fermented fishIlluminating

Many endurance tests - one result: LED LUMINARIES ARE RELIABLE!

Further information on R.STAHL emergency luminaires can be found HERE.


If you have any questions, please contact our experts.


EXplorer versus emergency luminaire: Who will win?