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LED for all Ex applications

Perfect lighting- from the Experts!


Bank on our experience and expertise in LED lighting. Choose between linear luminaires, tubular light fittings and emergency luminaires, pendant light fittings and floodlights as per your requirement.

Ex LED - The new gen lighting.


General lighting

For general lighting, linear luminaires, tubular light fittings and emergency luminaires are applied. It is common practice to use the above mentioned luminaires for interior lighting at a ceiling height of 4 to 6 metres. The luminaires fulfil their general lighting function with a high level of uniformity. Their application is recommended by the German workplace directive on lighting. In outdoor areas, they are either mounted close to the facade or on poles. Generally, linear luminaires, tubular light fittings and emergency luminaires are easy to maintain.


Pendant light fittings

In very high halls (10-16 meters), pendant light fittings are primarily used. These light fittings can generate a high luminous flux with one light spot, however, illumination is often selective. This means that there may be a reduced uniformity on the floor, which however is sufficient in many areas. With their compact design, the pendant light fitting offers the advantage that an installation point can always be found despite a complex infrastructure on the hall's ceiling (e.g. due to the air condition or the process pipework).



Floodlights are usually used to illuminate large areas, often outdoors, to bridge large distances (up to 200 meters) and to have adequate illuminance. Floodlights can be adjusted – they can be tilted and turned –making them the perfect solution to illuminate areas that are difficult to access.


Further information on our luminaires can be found here!

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If you have any questions, please contact us and our EXperts will be more than happy to help you.


LED for all Ex applications by R. STAHL