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Lighting design: Prudent, Reliable and Accurate

Can "lighting" be designed? It not only can be done, it has to be done! Especially when the lighting of hazardous areas is concerned and emergency lighting or escape route lighting is stipulated by law. R. STAHL, the pioneers in Explosion protected equipment manufacturing, can make the whole process of lighting design simple and effective for you with the most suitable lighting design by employing the unique and original lighting design tools. Read more to know how we do this.


How important is the lighting design to get a perfect lighting scheme?

Lighting design is used to determine the total requirement of luminaires, to define the optimum installation position and light distribution, to identify the best luminous flux and the lowest power consumption. In order to achieve this, we create a complete 3D model of your facility and will develop the perfect lighting system for your requirements.

Why R. STAHL’s lighting design is the most accurate especially in the hazardous areas?

We offer the lighting design which provides not only adequate and appropriate luminescence in the factory, but also consider the safety factors that has to be ensured during the installation of the light fixtures. The design takes occupational health and safety and general safety into account, to comply with, e.g., EN 12464 and EN 60598-2-22 or other international standards at all times.


When is the ideal time to work on the lighting design for a facility?

The best time is to work during the site plan stages in order to determine your individual requirements and provide a clear view of the final installation.


Expertise in lighting solutions by R. STAHL.

With proven expertise, R. STAHL advises customers in selecting optimum lighting solutions for their application conditions. For further information click here!

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Lighting design by R. STAHL: Prudent, Reliable, and Accurate