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Robust LED solutions for our customers

Robust solutions for our customers prove: LED luminaires are all-rounders


R. STAHL is not just yet another Ex supplier: All LED luminaires are tested for the safety of optical radiation. Our customers can always be sure that the optical radiation of the LEDs will not trigger explosions.


One of the major strengths of R. STAHL, besides standard products, is the development of LED luminaires with specific features. We design our products to the special requirements of our customers. No matter if you want them in green or yellow, with shatter protection, resistant to alcohol or turtle-friendly - LEDs make R. STAHL the real all-rounders.


Chemical industry

For marking of eye showers, we may provide a white lighting colour and also LED luminaires in signal colour green. This makes it easy to recognize the eye showers from a great distance.


Pharmaceutical industry

Some of the materials that are processed in the pharmaceutical industry react extremely sensitively in the UV range or in blue light. That is why our engineers have developed a yellow light luminaire which does not emit short wave lengths.


Food industry

For customers in the food industry, we equip the LED luminaires with a special anti-shatter film. This ensures that shattering enclosure parts do not contaminate the manufacturing process. Of course, the requirements on explosion protection are still complied with.



In distilleries, high-proof alcohol is in the air. LED luminaires that are applied here have to be explosion-protected and resistant to alcohol. We are one of the few suppliers in the market who can fulfil these extreme requirements.


Oil & gas, shipbuilding

Standard lighting in offshore areas and near harbours would, in many places disturb the turtles that live there. "Turtle Friendly Lights“make R. STAHL suppress certain wavelengths. This and their high energy efficiency makes them not only environment-friendly but also turtle-friendly.


There is no need for experiments – design your safety lighting with our experts right from the start!


Learn more about the perfect illumination for every industry sector.


Robust LED solutions for our customers by R. STAHL