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Top 7 FAQs on LED Technology

1. What are the important features of LED that differentiates it from conventional florescent lamps?

  • Longer service life
  • Minimum operating costs
  • High efficiency – economical energy consumption

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2. How does LED react to the fluctuations of the supply network in industrial environments?

All electronics have to comply with the low-voltage directive of the EU and so LED luminaires are able to withstand wider fluctuations of the supply network.


3. How do we compare LED behaviour in glare to that of the fluorescent lamp?

The glare of fluorescent lamps, if any, is only moderate. The LED, on the other hand, has a higher glare effect on the human eye. With suitable secondary optics, the light-emitting surface may be enlarged and thus the glare be reduced so that the glare of LED luminaires is not more intense.


4. Why LED retrofits cannot be installed in a linear luminaire with fluorescent lamps?

LED retrofits are not mentioned in the standards for lamps. However, they are often installed in non-Ex areas. In hazardous areas, the requirements on the electrical equipment of the luminaire are higher. As the luminaire has not been tested and approved with the LED retrofit, use of a retrofit is prohibited as this light source does not comply with the standard


5. Does all LEDs feature a dazzling white light?

The LED is the first light source for which a colour temperature can be selected. In the workplace directive, colour temperature ranges are defined for warm-white, neutral-white and cold-white, and R. STAHL offers LEDs for all of these areas.


6. Why is LED lighting more expensive than conventional luminaires?

Conventional luminaires do not include lamps. LED luminaires contain 20 to 100 high-performance LEDs, so the production costs are higher. The higher purchase price will soon be amortized by the lower costs for electricity and maintenance.


7. How is the light quality of the LEDs when compared to that of the conventional lamps?

With all the positives on its side, LEDs definitely offer the best light quality in comparison to the other light sources.


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Top 7 FAQs on LED Technology by R. STAHL